January 29, 2011

Ive been gone for so long....

I hit a wall after Christmas time, I was on burn out from all the boutiques I participated in, along with having Christmas Shopping & my sweet boy has a birthday on Jan 2.  All of this and my fingers ached!!  My head hurt and I was in need of some downtime!  But I am back!  And I have a cute new brooch to show you!

New to the shop!! A Brooch with endless possibilities.  You can find it HERE, so go on now, head over and get it before they are GONE!!

 I dont usually model in the pictures myself, I usually have a sweet little blonde I take pictures of, but here I am!  I am wearing the new brooch on a Cowl made by Sew What By Saira

                                     Here i am with the Brooch on my scarf purchased at Target. 

                             And last, just pinned on my shirt ! So many possibilities! They are endless.

So Go On, get yourself a Chocolate & Teal Blossoming Bloom ~~ They will add a little SASS to your life!


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