November 12, 2010

Not sure how to even start.....

I follow so many blogs each and every morning.  I have a routine.  I wake up, get my kids going and as they are eating, brushing their teeth, making their beds, you can find me, still in my pj's with a cup of joe, snuggled up next to my computer monitor.  Going thru my huge list of blogs on my Google Reader.  I love to read about each and everyone I follow on there.  But now, here I am, trying to make one for myself, not really sure how to convince someone to follow me!!!  So here is my first post. I dont know that they will be too often, but for now I am going to use it as an advertisement!  Check out my new and improved etsy shop at and let me know what your faborite item is or what you think I should put in my shop!

Thanks for stopping by!


SewWhatbySaira said...

It looks great!! And I love the Butterscotch Bloom!!!

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